Inactive sales people in your real estate Brokerage business

Inactive sales people in the real estate Brokerage business in Ontario Canada have great reason to be thrilled. New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage has, for almost 15 years been assisting non-active agents by directing its attension to their needs. You may need a real estate license holding company Brokerage that has a built-in referral system, which you should be used to, as you earn 25% or more commission fees for referring your sales to other agents or Brokers. All this, while you keep your license registered with RECO, but at the same time, elected not to be a part of any real estate board and avoiding its fees and dues.

These sales people may include those that are part-time; sales people that are taking a break from the business for a short while; or the salespeople that want to quit for the time being, but they still want to keep their license in force for future use. In joining our firm there are NO Real Estate Board fees to pay, just a small annual fee to us. 

Tell me what I need to know to Park My License:

We recommend our licensed real estate agents refer busines back to the Brokerage they came from but ultimately that decision will be theirs and theirs alone. We are a Real Estate Brokerage Firm and under R.E.C.O. New World agents can trade in real estate but without the boards MLS system, since our Office is not a member. The good news is that you can co-Broker with an agent of your choice who is a member of the local board you seek.

This proven and needed service applies to all Ontario agents who step back from the realty sales business for whatever reason and want to cut back on the cost to keep a real estate license active.  This service also applies to all Ontario Brokerages who share the common problem of having sales people in their office that are not producing sales and yet still are accumilating expenses.  You can now refrain from chasing these non-active agents for fees and dues owing and simply refer them to our Ontario Brokerage specializing in holding their license active until such time as they return to sales actively.


Call Philip Caputi, Broker of Record toll free at  1-800-537-1931 or 416-453-8215.

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