Ontario Real Estate Agents Help set Sales Record in Spring Market

The results are in for the Spring market in Ontario Canada and the real estate sales professionals have a big smile on their faces. In Ontario, adults looking for a new career often get mislead by their own belief that such high yielding real estate markets may indicate that they too can be a high producer in real estate sales if they become a licensed real estate agent. The reality that interest rates are still at a low level, consumer sureness is growing at a unwavering incline and most listings are finally coming down to earth with a realistic asking price, does not mean all agents are surviving their sales business. Some listings still brag about attracting multiple Offers but exactly who are the agents that were lucky enough to have the Buyers?

Here are some facts that Ontario real estate agents should be familiar with these days:

1. Last year at this time there were at least 1/3rd less listings on the MLS system

2. The increased total of homes for sale brought more proportion into the real estate market-buyers have a wider option of homes to select from causing a reduced amount of multiple offer situations

3. Price increases are beginning to become moderate if at all again bringing them inline with the economy

4. As interest rates edge up so slightly and the HST being in full affect, the Toronto, GTA and in fact all of Ontario real estate market will get a slower activity level.

What all real estate Brokers, Managers and salespeople should know

Whether you are facing a hot sellers marketplace or hot buyers market or none of the above, as a real estate agent, it is not the end of the world or your employment if you are experiencing a slack or not enough sales to last financially. Your decrease in sales production could be for a reason other than market conditions, for example, you may have another opportunity you cannot ignore or you may be taking a leave of absence for personal reasons…….maternity leave, sickness in the family, job opportunity out of town or Province etc .

As an Ontario real estate agent, broker or salesperson, if you hold a real estate licence in Ontario Canada and you are thinking of quitting, or leaving the real estate sales business for a while and you wish to keep your real estate license active until you decide to return to sales whether earlier or even later in life, then learn about Park Your Real Estate License.

The Park Your License website will give you all the data you will need to make the best selection for you. Hundreds of real estate agents in Ontario have used this low-cost answer to preserve their licence from being ended for good and all the while safekeeping it in full force and taking advantage of continued sales and/or referral commissions.

For immediate action call: Philip Caputi, Broker of Record, 1-800-537-1931 or 416-453-8215 or keepitactive @ gmail.com

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